AMI manufactures the widest range of versatile textile products for demanding MRO applications to reduce the risk of fire and heat, protect personnel and equipment, lower energy consumption and save money. As technologies and business needs evolve, AMI continues to deliver MRO solutions to a variety of industries:

  • Refining
  • Mining/Metals
  • Power Generation
  • General Manufacturing
  • Institutions (schools, hospitals)
  • Government (defense, construction)
  • Shipyards

Engineered for optimum performance and improved workplace safety, AMI fabrics are lightweight, flexible, non-abrasive and easy to use. Made from a variety of heat-resistant yarns including fiberglass, aramid, carbon and essentially pure amorphous silica — plus a full range of treatments, they provide severe temperature protection from 225°F to 1800°F continuous (107°C to 980°C).

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