AFLPN is a composite of a woven fabric, a non-woven material and a layer of aluminized polyester film for reflectivity. It provides protection up to 600°F (320°C).  Safety apparel made with AMI’s aluminized CARBO-FLEX has additional protection against exposure to radiant heat.

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Product TypeProduct NumberSeriesUnit of MeasureFabric TypeCont. Op. Temp.3rd Party Spec.Weight (oz. per sq. yd)Available Widths (inches)Thickness (inches)Data Sheets
AFLPN1500 17 ozAFLPN1500,



AMI-FLEX (Aramid/Fiberglass)

450°F (230°C)

ASTM F-955-85, ASTM F955-07

14, 19, 17

40, 60

.052, 0.038, 0.070

Data Sheet

AMI-FLEXThe rugged choice for tough applications.

AMI-FLEX® is a 100% aramid safety fabric provides comfortable and lightweight industrial protection. Available with aluminized polyester film that’s laminated on to fabric for use where radiant heat is encountered, such as foundries, heat-treating, and many OEM applications.

Used for Safety Clothing, Expansion Joints, Hose Covering, Conveyor Belting, Cable Insulation, Pipe Wrap, Wicking, Heat Containment and more.

  • Continuous protection to 600° F (320° C)
  • Advanced composite made of aramid fiber with fiberglass support
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Strength retention
  • Non irritating
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Strong and durable
  • Doesn’t shrink from flame


Product NumberData Sheets
AFLPN1500,Data Sheet