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AMI has dramatically expanded its line of safety-related fabrics over the past several years. The largest safety clothing manufacturers of high heat resistance safety apparel use AMI’s advanced heat resistant cloth for coats, boots, jackets, mittens, gloves, hoods and other PPE apparel. Through the use of technologically advanced manufacturing equipment as well as our investment in new coating and treatment technologies and heat-resistant composite products our safety fabrics now include:

  • Broader range of yarn sizes and yields
  • Wider array of fabric weights, thicknesses and widths
  • More flexibility in fiber content
  • New composite fabrics
  • New coatings and other heat protection enhancements to boost performance
  • New fiber blends, including PBI aramids, and fiberglass
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Download or View AMI’s full listing of heat resistant fabrics engineered for the safety apparel industry.

Safety-related fabrics include core-spun, woven, knit, coated and aluminized heat resistant durable fabrics for easy construction and comfort without sacrificing industrial safety and protection.

Some of our Safety Fabrics include:    

  • AMI-FLEX: provides comfortable and lightweight industrial protection
  • CARBO-FLEX: offers enhanced thermal protection
  • VEXTRA: combats high temperatures


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