VEXTRA® (FLVB) TP Black Cloth

VEXTRA® (FLVB) is an aramid and fiberglass blend heat resistant cloth with a vermiculite armor-like coating that is inorganic, chemically inert, noncombustible and odorless. The vermiculite coating enhances the fabric rating to 1000°F (540°C). All of AMI’s VEXTRA® coated fabrics, enable them to remain stable at up to 50% higher temperatures than the uncoated counterparts. VEXTRA fabrics are tough enough to withstand very hostile work environments.

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Product TypeProduct NumberSeriesWeight (oz. per sq. yd)Count (Warp x Fill)Unit of MeasureFabric TypeCont. Op. Temp.Available Widths (inches)Thickness (inches)ColorData Sheets
FLVB1700-TP 20 ozFLVB1700-TP



20 x 11


VEXTRA (Vermiculite)

600°F (320°C)

40, 60



Data Sheet

VEXTRACombat heat with superior vermiculite armor.

Used for Welding Protection, Furnace Curtains, Pipe Wrapping/Lagging, Expansion Joints, Heat Shield/Containment, Machinery Protection, Removable Flange/Valve Covers, Stress Relief, Exhaust Manifold Wrap and more.

  • Remains stable to 1500°F (815°C) (Upper Temperature Limit)
  • Continuous operating temperature 1000°F (540°C)
  • Non-combustible vermiculite-coated fiberglass
  • 50% More protection than fiberglass
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Coating acts as armor to the fiberglass, providing better resistance to direct flame
  • Heat travels across the fabric—not through it
  • Available in three colors – blue, black and bronze

VEXTRA® Textiles are 100% fiberglass coated with a golden vermiculite solution made of plate-like mineral crystals. This non-combustible coating acts like armor when heat strikes the fabric, causing the heat to travel across the fabric rather than through it, shielding the fiberglass from the heat source.


Product NumberData Sheets
FLVB1700-TPData Sheet