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Get a quick look at all of AMI’s safety-related textiles with this 2-sided At-A-Glance sheet. Safety Clothing fabrics on one side, and AMI’s full line of Aluminized fabrics are on the other

AMI has been a pioneer in the safety apparel/PPE industry for over 35 years. In fact, AMI was one of the first manufacturers to recognize the superiority of aramid fibers for heat resistance. Our innovation team is continually working on textile and coating solutions that provide extreme heat protection, and are durable, comfortable, flexible, wearable and cost effective. Our fabrics are widely used for heavy-duty PPE heat protection and industrial safety clothing in many industries.

We offer fully integrated capabilities, making core-spun yarns, weaving, knitting, coating and aluminizing heat resistant fabrics in a wide variety of weights, widths and performance characteristics with specially developed coatings that allow easy cutting and sewing into mittens and gloves, coats, hoods, boot linings, and aprons–without sacrificing temperature resistance.  Our non-abrasive fabrics are widely used throughout industry for heat and molten metal splash protection.


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