Pyrotechnics and fire entertainers have the utmost respect for fire and high heat — not only to protect themselves, but also to protect the people, staging, equipment and facilities around them. AMI’s fire-resistant tapes, tubing and ropes are made from AMI’s aramid/glass AMI-FLEX® yarns and AMI-THERM® heat resistant tapes can be found in the most extreme applications such as to wrap torches, fire sticks and fire swords and as wicks for fire props in the pyrotechnic and fire entertainment industry. Also popular are our CARBO-GLAS® fabrics for flags for lighting systems and CARBO-FLEX  fabric to protect personnel in mid-range temperature applications.


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AMI works with manufacturers worldwide to ensure the best possible product performance, design and functionality. We understand textiles, coatings, and composites. Our experts are always looking at ways to combine our yarns and fibers with heat enhancement technologies to meet unique customer requirements.