Welding Blankets

Ami-Guard Pad GroupFire blankets for welding are essential hot work protection for personnel, equipment, and plants.

Standard Welding Blanket and Curtain Sizes

  • 3’x3′
  • 6’x6′
  • 6’x8′
  • 10’x10′

AMI-GUARD® is the name of AMI’s line of high-performance FM approved welding blankets and safety products.  Custom sizes and styles available upon request and with or without grommets. If you are buying the product for resale, we can provide individualized heat-shrink packaging upon request…at no extra charge. We can even supply samples of Hot Work Permits.

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Common fabricated blankets are:

  • AS2400
  • AS3600
  • SAS2400
  • SGL1700
  • SGL3200

Other Welding Blankets are available as rolled goods in 36″ – 72″ widths and are FM Approved Welding Curtains, Blankets, and Pads. They have been tested and rated to the ANSI/FM 4950 Standard that now is required by the NFPA 51B 2019 Standard. The rating system makes it easy to determine which of the three levels of fire protection – welding curtains, welding blankets, or welding pads – is needed for a specific hot work operation.

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Fabric RatingsANSI/FM 4950 Ratings

  • AMI-Guard Welding Blankets — intended for use in HORIZONTAL applications with LIGHT to MODERATE exposures to sparks, heat, and molten metal slag. Welding protection blankets are designed to protect machinery and prevent ignition of combustibles, located in the designated work area.
  • AMI-Guard Welding Pads — intended for use in HORIZONTAL applications with SEVERE exposures, such as that resulting from molten substances or heavy horizontal welding. Designed to prevent the ignition of combustibles that are located adjacent to the underside of the pad.
  • AMI Guard Welding Curtains — intended for use in VERTICAL applications with LIGHT to MODERATE exposures to sparks and heat, such as that resulting from chipping, grinding, heat-treating, sandblasting and light horizontal welding. FM approved welding curtains are designed to prevent sparks from escaping the designated work area.
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Notice: Hot work permits call for fire-resistant covers or tarpaulins to be used within 35 feet of the job. When using this product, the following precautions must be made:

  • Sweep floors clean of combustibles
  • Wet down combustible flooring, cover with damp sand, metal or another shielding
  • Cover all wall and floor openings
  • Suspend safety blankets beneath work to collect sparks
  • Use FM Approved fabrics such as blankets and curtains
  • Protect the hands with gloves and mitts