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AMI FM Approved Products At A Glance

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AMI Fabrics for Welding Protection Applications

AMI makes six different types of high temperature fabrics for welding safety use, ranging in temperature resistance from 225°F (107°C) to 3000°F (1650°C). They are designed for a wide range of applications and levels of heat exposure, and are available with a variety of fibers and coatings.

FM Approved Fabrics

All AMI FM Approved fabrics are labeled with the proper rating prominently displayed. The FM Approvals mark is your assurance that a fabric conforms to the highest internationally accepted standards for quality, safety, and performance. For a listing of FM Approved fabrics for welding protection, click here.

Fabric Coatings

AMI has a number of finish treatments available. Click here for more information about these coatings.

Product Series

In addition to fabric type classifications, all AMI Products are also coded by series type. See an individual fabric type or click here for more information on series classifications.

Other Applications

Fabrics used for applications other than welding protection include:

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