Product Series Key

In addition to fabric classification, all AMI Products are coded by series type.

The following is a description of all of our series types:

AMI-GLAS® – 100% fiberglass
GL 100% fiberglass textiles including cloth, tapes and fabricated items
GLTW Fiberglass cloth with special twill weave
PGL 100% carbon (partially carbonized acrylic/fiber) nonwoven with a core fabric woven from 100% fiberglass
RGL Fiberglass cloth treated with an inorganic, rewettable coating
AGL Aluminized foil bonded to fiberglass cloth
AMGL Aluminized polyester film bonded to fiberglass cloth
GLW Stainless steel wire inserted fiberglass cloth
GLWB Brass wire inserted fiberglass cloth
GLN 100% fiberglass cloth coated with neoprene rubber on one side
GLT 100% fiberglass tubing (or sleeving)
GLBT 100% fiberglass braided tubing (or sleeving)
SGLT Silicone coated fiberglass tubing
GLR High density and low density knitted fiberglass rope/td>
GLRS 100% fiberglass square braided rope
GLRTW 100% fiberglass twisted rope
AMI-FLEX® – Aramid fiber composite with fiberglass support
FLT Composite of aramid fiber and fiberglass tubing or sleeving
AFL Aluminized polyester film bonded to AMI-FLEX® fabric
FL Composite of aramid and fiberglass fibers
FLHB Aramid/fiberglass cloth with herringbone weave
FLP Aramid/fiberglass cloth with partially carbonized acrylic fiber needled on one side
FLR Advanced composite of aramid and fiberglass rope
FLPN Aramid/fiberglass cloth (with extra aramid fiber) and partially carbonized acrylic fiber
AFLPN Aluminized aramid/fiberglass cloth with partially carbonized acrylic fiber
AMI-THERM® – Aramid non-woven insulation fabric
NX Needled fabric and tapes
AMI-SIL® – Essentially pure amorphous silica
AST Amorphous silica tubing
AS Amorphous silica cloth, tapes and fabricated items
AAS Aluminized polyester bonded to AMI-SIL® fabric
CAS Commercial grade amorphous silica
SAS Amorphous silica cloth coated with silicone rubber
ASR Amorphous silica twisted rope
AS-PSA Amorphous silica with pressure sensitive adhesive
ASBR Amorphous silica braided rope
AMI-TUF® – Silicone-coated AMI-GLAS®
SGL Silicone coated fiberglass cloth and tape
SGLHB Silicone coated fiberglass in a Herringbone weave
SGLP Silicone coated fiberglass compounded with polysiloxane polymer
TGL PTFE coated fiberglass
VEXTRA® – Vermiculite-coated AMI-GLAS®
GLTWV Twill weave vermiculite-coated fiberglass
GLV Vermiculite-coated fiberglass cloth, tape
GLVB Vermiculite-coated fiberglass cloth dyed black
GLWV Fiberglass cloth with Stainless steel wire plied with vermiculite coating
SGLV AMI-TUF® cloth with vermiculite coating
GLTV Fiberglass tubing with vermiculite coating
FLVB Aramid/fiberglass cloth with vermiculite coating dyed black
AMI-FAB® – Removable insulation system
KV Para-aramid thread for sewing
TGL Coated fiberglass sewing thread
WM Stainless steel knitted wire mesh
QS Teflon® coated quartz sewing thread
AMI-FAB® – Composite of aramid-fiberglass and partially carbonized non-woven acrylic
FLP Composite of aramid-fiberglass and partially carbonized acrylic
GOLDENGLAS® – Neoprene-coated AMI-GLAS®
GLN 100% fiberglass cloth coated with neoprene rubber