When It’s Nice to be Known as Extreme

Specialty Fabrics Review recently featured an article that addressed the technologies involved in manufacturing high performance fabrics to protect people from extreme hot or cold.  The article, titled: “New Textiles and Applications That Control Temperature Provide Comfort and Safety in Extreme Conditions,” prompted a call from a customer looking … Read more »

Fabtech was Fabulous!

We know that hot work fabrics aren’t as exciting to look at as robotic welding equipment! So we were pleasantly surprised with the number of visitors, and the breadth of job titles. We also met a lot of front-line folks this year, many of whom had never attended Fabtech before. Hats off to those major… Read more »

Building Underbellies – Opportunities Abound

Who knew that the underbellies of most institutions are chock full of energy saving opportunities? Yes, mechanical rooms are overheated treasure troves of wasted energy. We just completed our first campus-wide insulation retrofit at Bates College. Bates saw the savings potential in their 18 mechanical rooms and contracted with us to retrofit them by ins… Read more »

Small + U.S. Made = Dependable Performance

Here’s news: Small US manufacturers are important to the supply chain! This, according to a Dept of Commerce economist in this recent interview in Industry Week — http://www.industryweek.com/manufacturing-leader-week/docs-chief-economist-looking-out-manufacturings-little-guy. We could have told them that, since we stayed US-made when it was cool… Read more »