AMI’s heat resistant textile—CARBO-FLEX® (ALFPN)—is a composite of a woven fabric, a non woven material and a layer of aluminized polyester film for reflectivity. It provides continuous protection up to 600°F (320°C). Safety apparel made with AMI’s aluminized CARBO-FLEX has additional protection against exposure to radiant heat.

AFLPN1500 meets ASTM F 1939 and ASTM 955-07


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Product TypeProduct NumberSeriesWeight (oz. per sq. yd)Fabric TypeCont. Op. Temp.Available Widths (inches)Thickness (inches)3rd Party Spec.Data Sheets
AFLPN1500 17.0 ozAFLPN1500



CARBO-FLEX (Carbon/Aramid Fiberglass)

450°F (230°C)

40, 60


ASTM F 1939, ASTM F955-07

Data Sheet

Superior protection for people, plants and equipment.

CARBO-FLEX® is composite of aramid-fiberglass and partially carbonized non-woven acrylic for enhanced thermal performance.

An innovative composite developed by AMI, it combines the strength and heat resistance of our aramid and glass fabrics with the excellent DIRECT heat resistance of preox (partially carbonized acrylic).

Fabrics can be carbonized on either or both sides. The result is a fabric that exhibits excellent anisotropic capabilities — meaning that direct heat travels across the carbonized side of the fabric, not through it.

And it delivers the performance without adding weight or stiffness. The result is substantially better heat protection for people, plants and equipment.


Product NumberData Sheets
AFLPN1500Data Sheet