AMI-GLAS® (RGL) Rewettable Cloth

AMI-GLAS® Wetwrap™ insulation cloth is made of 100% fiberglass yarns and is coated with a specially formulated inorganic coating, that develops tack and bonds to itself when wet. Also known as “rewettable cloth,” this product provides a safe, heat resistant covering for more fragile insulation materials.

Applications include:

  • Pipe lagging
  • Expansion joints
  • Heat shields
  • Machinery protection
  • Insulation pads for removable flanges and valve covers
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Product TypeProduct NumberAvailable Widths (inches)Weight (oz. per sq. yd)Standard Put-upThickness (inches)PSASeriesUnit of MeasureFabric TypeCont. Op. Temp.3rd Party Spec.Data Sheets
15 oz ClothRGL1450



50 YD/RL





AMI-GLAS (Fiberglass)

1000°F (540°C)


Data Sheet

AMI-GLAS Product LineThe workhorse of industrial textiles.

Used for Welding Protection, Insulation, Gasketing, Expansion Joints, Heat Shields and Containment, Oven Door Seals, Emergency Fire Blanket, Tadpole Tape and Machinery, Personnel Protection, Safety Clothing and more. AMI-GLAS® is made of 100% fiberglass, and does not contain asbestos or ceramic.

  • Made with 100% continuous filament fiberglass
  • Upper temperature limit of 1000° F (540° C)
  • Continuous protection up to 1000° F (540° C)
  • Excellent insulation value (K=.419)
  • Tough, flexible and versatile
  • Meets USCG 164.009 for incombustibility
  • Non-hazardous to workers
  • Meets military specifications for shipbuilding and repair
  • Can be dyed, coated and/or aluminized
  • Available with pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Can be slit or sewn to order, and specially packaged
  • Available in seven colors


Product NumberData Sheets
RGL1450Data Sheet