Ever Green® Cut 'n Wrap™

Ever Green® Cut ‘n Wrap™ Removable/Reusable insulation kits are “all-in-one” insulation covers for pipe components and fittings. The Cut ‘n Wrap insulation kits are ready-to-use, removable and reusable insulated blankets that cover steam, hot water, and dual temperature distribution pipe, valves, flanges, fittings and other hard-to-get-to components. AMI offers Ever Green removable insulation covers in three temperature ranges:

EverGreen HS(rated to 500°F ) — for indoor steam and hot water distribution systems
EverGreen CHW(rated Min/Max: 32°F/250°F) —for chilled water or dual temperature components
EverGreen ET(rated to 700°F on the hot – or challenge – side) — for elevated temperature steam and process lines

Ideal for Facility-Wide Retrofit Projects

AMI’s Ever Green® Cut ‘n Wrap™ combined with our new Green UP Retrofit Installation Service significantly improves system efficiency and reduces fuel costs. It’s a neat, clean and quick system.

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