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AMI textiles and products are made in the USA—from yarn to finished product—at our facilities in Maine and are manufactured with the applicable laws and regulations of the FTC, the Buy American Act, and The Berry Amendment.

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Fabtech was Fabulous!

The Fabtech Show in Chicago was fantastic! We weren't expecting much traffic given the sluggish economy PLUS..

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The Extreme Temperature Experts

Auburn Manufacturing, Inc. (AMI) is the industry’s leading expert in the manufacture of high performance textiles for extreme temperature protection. For decades, AMI textile solutions have been applied around the world in the manufacture of metals, petroleum, chemicals, glass, paper and wherever flames and extreme heat can be a danger.

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AMI PPE Textiles At-A-Glance

AMI’s PPE Textile At-A-Glance tables showcase our full line of safety-related textiles as well as our extensive line of aluminized fabrics. Download PDF… Read more »

Auburn Manufacturing Introduces First-Ever Modular Hot Work Pad

Use as an FM Approved Curtain, Blanket or Pad Auburn Manufacturing Inc. (AMI), the leading industry producer of extreme temperature textiles and FM Approved welding curtains, blankets and pads, has added Fire Quilt™ to its AMI-GUARD® line of hot work protection products. This first-ever modular hot work pad can be used as an FM Approved… Read more »