VEXTRA® (GLV) is a heavy duty, heavy weight, fiberglass fabric coated with vermiculite.  The vermiculite coating acts as an armor—it is inorganic, chemically inert, noncombustible, odorless and provides 50% more protection from direct flame than standard fiberglass. With VEXTRA (GLV) heat travels across the fabric and not through it. AMI’s VEXTRA product is rated at 1000°F and remains stable to 1500°F. GLVB  is our black cloth.

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Product TypeProduct NumberCont. Op. Temp.Thickness (inches)Weight (oz. per sq. yd)Available Widths (inches)Fabric TypeSeriesStandard Put-upUnit of MeasureData Sheets
GLVB2401-TP 26 ozGLVB2401 TP

1000°F (540°C)



40, 60

VEXTRA (Vermiculite)

50 YD/RL


Data Sheet
Product NumberData Sheets
GLVB2401 TPData Sheet