ANSI/FM 4950

Everything you need to know about ANSI/FM 4950, the American National Standard for Evaluating Welding Pads, Welding Blankets and Welding Curtains for Hot Work Operations – benefits to end user, testing procedures, labeling, value of FM Approval, procedures for ongoing compliance to FM 4950 and more.

What is the benefit to the end user of ANSI/FM 4950?

It simplifies the decision-making process of choosing heat-resistant fabrics. For the first time, safety professionals, material buyers, and welding supervisors have a standard they can use to match their application to products tested in similar conditions, ensuring their choice of fabric is the best one for that job.

Why were three categories chosen?

The three categories were based on a study of industrial fires over a 10-year period, covering a variety of hot work applications with varying degrees of severity and environmental conditions.