Kathie Leonard, President & CEO of AMI, Comments on President Obama’s Order to Cut GHG Emissions

“Insulating valves and fittings is an easy way to reduce green house gas emissions and proactively respond to  President Obama’s order to reduce green house gas emissions by nearly half over the next 10 years,”  says Kathie Leonard, President and CEO of Auburn Manufacturing Inc.

“If the federal government is serious about cutting their GHG emissions in half,  they can start by simply installing Ever Green®  Cut ‘n Wrap™ modular insulation kits on all the bare mechanical system components in federal buildings.There are thousands of hot, uninsulated valves and fittings in Federal buildings.  The amount of heat loss, fuel, dollars wasted, and the impact on the facility’s carbon footprint  is not insignificant. We’ve proved that insulating bare pipe components can save up to 8% in GHG emissions, while saving energy.  In fact, payback on investment is typically less than a year.  And now with our Green Up Program, we can provide turnkey service to those agencies who lack the in-house capability of doing the work.   So if the feds want to jumpstart this program, they should consider Ever Green Cut’nWrap.”