AMI’s Cut ‘n Wrap Insulation System Part of a 1.5 Million Strategic Investment in Energy Savings Projects at Bates College

Insulating the hard-to-insulate heating components, like valves, fittings, and flanges, in various mechanical rooms on campus was one of a series of strategic energy-saving projects over the last three years to save energy, save dollars, improve efficiency and sustainability, and enhance comfort.

Bates contacted a local company, Auburn Manufacturing, Inc to manufacture and install its modular and removable insulating product, Ever Green® Cut’nWrap™, on 500 hot-pipe components in 18 mechanical rooms on campus.

The project took less than three weeks to complete and will reduce the college’s emissions by 202 MTCE and save $34,589 annually.  “I call that a win-win situation,” says John Rasmussen, Energy Manager for Bates College.  Including materials and labor, the insulation project will break even in just 15.2 months.  For the full story: