Wanted: Industrial Textiles Recruits

AMI team members talk about what it’s like to work here and what they like about it.   Some talk about how they learned to make advanced textiles on the job, and it’s clear they’re proud of the skills they’ve learned here!   Our team worked through the pandemic, making products essential to many industries worldwide.  So we never missed a beat or a paycheck!  We are now adding new equipment, upgrading our facilities and hiring more people to assure a strong future for AMI!  We’ve also teamed up with the Maine Community College System to develop interactive, technology-driven training programs for every one of our nine departments!  These training tools with embedded photos and videos will make training and cross-training easier and faster.  Take a look at this quick video, and if you’re interested in learning more, contact Steve Boulet at 207-402-3825 or sboulet@auburnmfg.com  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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