Building Underbellies – Opportunities Abound

Bates Mechanical Room-AMI Green Up Project

Let AMI’s Green Up Contracting Services transform your energy operations by insulating your bare valves and fittings.

Who knew that the underbellies of most institutions are chock full of energy saving opportunities? Yes, mechanical rooms are overheated treasure troves of wasted energy. We just completed our first campus-wide insulation retrofit at Bates College. Bates saw the savings potential in their 18 mechanical rooms and contracted with us to retrofit them by insulating all of the bare, hot valves and equipment fittings with the Ever Green® Cut’ n Wrap™ insulation system. Two weeks later, they were set to save $35K/year in energy costs and about 200 tons/year of GHG emissions. The payback? Less than 2 years! The decision to insulate and cut, wrap and strap their way to savings was a huge win for Bates and the environment. Click here for more information on the Bates College Case Study.