AMI Supplies ‘Country Of Origin’ Certification For Its 100% U.S. Made Products

In response to rising US Government and private industry requirements for proof that its textile products are made in America, Auburn Manufacturing Inc. has created its own “Country of Origin” certificate, which will be automatically issued with each price quotation as a service to its customers.

The AMI certificate attests that the products are made in the USA — from yarn to finished product — at the company’s manufacturing facilities in Maine. In addition, AMI’s Country of Origin certificate also identifies textiles that comply with the Berry Amendment, a statutory requirement that restricts the Department of Defense (DoD) from using funds appropriated to DoD for procurement of food, clothing, fabrics, fibers, yarns, other made-up textiles, that are not grown, reprocessed, reused, or produced in the United States. The Berry Amendment has been critical to maintaining the safety and security of our armed forces, by requiring covered items to be produced in the United States. (The Berry Amendment: Office of Textile and Apparel;

“When we certify that our products are “Made in the USA”, we mean that not only are the products themselves assembled in the United States, but that virtually all of the components are also made in the United States,” explained Kathie Leonard, AMI president and CEO. “This raises the bar for suppliers who imply their products are US-made when, in fact, they are only warehoused here or are largely made from foreign materials. If these suppliers are not honest about the point of manufacture, chances are their products also don’t meet the proper safety and performance standards, thereby short-changing the customer, and the US economy, as well.”

Leonard urges buyers to err on the side of safety and request a Country of Origin certificate. “It is important to note that the word ‘Origin’ refers to the country where the products are made — and not the country from where they are shipped,” she explained. “If suppliers choose to make claims that their products are made in the USA, they must comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s “Made in the USA” policy. This requires a product bearing the words “Made in the USA” to actually be “all or virtually all” made in the USA. This means that only a product that is fully produced in the United States can be stamped with the label “Made in the USA” or use an American flag on the label.”

AMI is proud to attach the American flag to all its US-made products certifying that they are manufactured in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations of the FTC, The Buy American Act and the Berry Amendment.